Website Blocking


Forbes reports Of employees between the ages of 18 and 35, approximately 73 percent reported spending time inappropriately at work on a daily basis.”. With the advent of the information age, no business can afford to be without the internet, but can you afford to let employees spend time on Facebook? Or worse, have you ever considered the damage that can be done by malicious websites and attacks on your unsuspecting users?


Here at emerald IT, we have the technology! We provide comprehensive solutions to steer your network to the more productive sites on the internet and away from all the unrelated time-sinks and malicious traffic that can so often be seen on computer screens. From a single PC to your entire network, we provide many solutions from simple and self managed, where you can manually add and remove sites using a simple web interface, to more complex, fully automated systems based on blacklists curated by experts online.


  • Block social media websites and other unwanted distractions. The depth and breadth of sites catering to different facets of the the social sphere has exploded in the last few years, and so has the time spent browsing and updating them. We use expertly curated lists updated daily, to block websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Digg, and Reddit.
  • Stop Ads, Malware and other attacks on your network at the doorway. Using the same techniques, we can block many attack websites, ad servers, and other dark corners of the internet. Not only can we save you money on bandwidth and repair / disinfection costs, we can potentially prevent unwary users from costing you thousands by preventing various redirection and fake website attacks. These can be far more damaging, with the potential for the leak of banking details, or worse, sensitive company information.


Let us be your Gatekeeper. Ask us how today!