Ever wondered why your Reception PC is not talking with your Server? If Margaret could just put those files in the Client directory.. Better find a USB Stick. Again.


emerald IT provides professional LAN and Network management for your office or workplace. If lost office time attributed to IT inefficiencies were calculated, the financial cost to your business would surprise and alarm many business owners. Staff should not be spending their valuable time ‘working around’ your computer systems. Why ‘work around’ your PCs, when we can get your PCs working for you!


Most problems with networking in the workplace are easily solved, the error of a misconfiguration, or the by-product of gradual growth in your business. Every time a different technician came out and installed that new PC, he did things a little differently from the previous technician and the technician before that. Little errors, like PC A not being able to read a directory on PC B get compounded when that next tech comes by and installs PC C, and you realise that it doesn’t talk with the Server. Before long, it all adds up to a lack of efficiency, frustration and your time being lost!


Its time to let us clean up your network and get everything working efficiently!


Here at emerald IT we have a comprehensive system to get your network on track and keep it that way.

  • Networked Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Solutions. Using a combination of products including the class leading Avira Anti-Virus and Spybot Search & Destroy, we provide a system where all PCs configuration and updating is controlled by one system. No more changing the settings individually on each computer, and no more huge Excess Data charges on your internet bills.
  • Server and Network Attached Storage solutions. We can custom design a storage solution for your Office. Store everything on your own in house server, with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a full data backup and restoration system with local support, and files that don’t disappear when your internet connection goes down. This happens more often than you think. We are proud to partner with Repair IT to provide you new custom server. See more here
  • Failsafe Backup and Restoration systems. No more time wasted re-entering records, or worse having to ask that client to resend their important files, because ‘they never arrived’! With the benefits of today’s technology, having an affordable and failsafe backup is within the grasp of all. We can configure your Server / NAS with a RAID1 system, and external drives for offsite secure backups. See our solutions here.
  • Networked Multifunction Printers. Sick of replacing expensive inks, or cheap consumer printers that break down if you look at them sideways? Get a Multifunction! Here at emerald IT, we can provide, install and configure a network laser printer to suit your needs. Print from all your PCs to one printer, Scan directly to your Desktops, Email, and FTP, and get comprehensive reports on your printing usage. See more here.
  • Planned Maintence. Here at emerald IT, we plan your network to the last nut and bolt. Have you ever thought about how your PCs stay up to date? Are you starting to notice that the Reception PC is acting a little odd? Or did you read something about a new worm, and have no idea if your systems could be affected? We take care of all of this for you, by providing comprehensive scheduled maintenance of all your systems, with minimal fuss and downtime to keep you moving, and keep your PCs safe.
  • Website Blocking and Content Filtering. For productivity and network safety, we can install and manage a comprehensive network filtering system. From blocking Facebook and Social Media to increase workplace productivity to protecting you and your users from malicious and dark sites, emerald IT can supply and install to your needs.


These are just some of the things we can do to help you and your network be more effiecient. Contact us today to speak with somebody about your needs.


We use and recommend the award winning

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