Kyocera MFPs


How many printers do you need in your workplace? Five, Ten, Twelve? How about One.


We like to help you keep pace with Technology here at emerald IT, and this means no more replacing expensive inks, and no more cheap consumer printers that breakdown when looked at incorrectly. We aim to help you manage your printing output, costs, and workplace real estate, by bringing you a full range of Kyocera Multi-Function Printers, available in many price ranges and configurations, to help make you business a more harmonious place. Less ‘$%^&*!!’ more printing.


Advantages of a single MFP over many desktop inkjets include

  • Lower printing costs. One of the main advantages of switching to a Laser MFP over cheaper desktop inkjets is the reduced cost of ink and consumables. Cheap inkjet printers are cheap because manufacturers design them with a long term focus on making money through the price of replacement inks, and planned obsolescence of the unit. The result being that ‘cheap’ unit actually works out much more expensive to you in the long term. On the other hand, Laser MFP’s are designed with a primary purpose for business and high usage rates. By using toners instead of inks they provide better cost per page, with consumables that can be sourced from many more places than the manufacturer providing better competition for your printing dollar. Whether Color or Monochrome you come out on top. See here for a comparison app for Kyocera to other brands and models.
  • Networked access for all PC’s in your workplace. You no longer have to have a printer on every desktop, cluttering up your office, and providing just another confusing endpoint where you document may or may not arrive at! Not only the above, but by consolidating your printing into one or two machines, you lower long term maitenence costs, and improve office productivity.
  • Onsite Warranty, Service and Repair. All Kyocera MFP’s carry an onsite warranty, of up to 3 years depending on the model you purchase. No more stopping work to replace another printer, just make a phonecall.


We are not limited to Kyocera and also can provide and supply many other specialist printers to suit your needs. Whether you need a printer for A3, glossy prints, or speed, we can supply and install almost anything! Contact us today to discuss your printing requirements.