Anti Virus and Anti Malware

Your utmost first line of defense! Long gone are the days of avoiding the seedier parts of the Internet and keeping your fingers crossed, just as computers have evolved, so has the range of threats to you, your PC, and its speed. Dont wait until its too late, if your PC is running slow, displaying ads, or asking you to ‘Optimise’, chances are you need some work!


Threats against your PC are everywhere these days, from the Internet and Email, all the way to that seemingly safe USB stick of photos from Aunt Mary. Not only have the range of attack vectors increased, they have evolved from something created by hackers to show off, to something that makes millions of dollars for the creators, through Internet Ad-Revenue, Botnet Rentals, and the worst of all, holding your data ransom for a fee. Whether your Anti-Virus is out of date, working poorly, or non-existant, we can help you protect yourself and your business, preventing what could become a very costly disaster.


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