Standard Workplace Backups ;)


Ever had that sinking feeling? Just realised that you and your staff have lost a weeks worth of work to a failed computer and a lack of a solid data backup system? Dont let it happen again.


emerald IT provides tested and proven, comprehensive backup solutions for you and your business, home or office, from 1 PC to hundreds. Whether you want to keep a backup of those priceless family photos, or need to keep you client database protected, we have a solution that works for you, providing you with peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that everything is under control, even if the worst were to occur. All systems are fully automated, checked and maintained, depending on your requirements. Dont let a lack of a plan cost you thousands!


Here at emerald IT we provide a broad range of backup solutions to suit everyone.

  • Mirror backup. A mirrored backup solution is a device or devices, usually an external HDD or flash drive, that keeps an exact copy of your data at the time the backup system was run. A simple effective way to backup, you can attach the device to any PC and browse the data natively in Windows, just like any other HDD. Simple and robust, a great way to work if you dont need a cumulative backup.
  • Cumulative backup. For companies and people that need a history of data, ie the ability to restore a file or group of files to an earlier edit or point in time. This solution is incredibly flexible and can be setup on a variety of devices for onsite or offsite storage, and depending on your needs, with a capacity from gigabytes into the terabytes. We support various software packages, from the free utilitys inlcuded with Windows, to the powerful and awarded Storagecraft ShadowProtect range.
  • Custom File Servers. A great way to protect all your data is to house it all on a custom server which we can equip with hardware RAID1. This system involves adding auxiliary hard-drives at device level, which provide a hardware based mirroring setup. Windows or your alternative OS sees only the one disk, but the contents are actually mirrored to the auxiliary transparently, and in realtime. Meaning, when you place a file on that drive, instantly a copy is made on the second (or more) without you lifting a finger. Excellent as a standalone system, but highly recommended as a base to be combined with one of the two solution above. Failsafe and Foolproof. See here for information on our custom built PCs and Servers.


Regardless of your needs, we have the knowledge to help keep your data  safe and secure, and the skills to help you seamlessly recover and get back on track in a time of need. Contact us today to discuss data protection.


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