Planned Maintenance


Its all about keeping things moving. Like any fine tool, when maintained well, your PCs will be ready for work when you need them. No more “Please wait while Windows installs updates”, make your machines maintain themselves while you sleep. Then when you come in fresh, so are your PCs!


With todays operating systems, its all about keeping up to date. Everyday there is a new Virus, or piece of Malware being released into the wild to exploit you and your PCs, and to combat these threats and protect you, all your software requires regular updating. Most companies provide this through automated services, but these can be quite inconvienient, trying to start while you are busy working, or tying up your internet with downloads at crucial times. Running Virus and Spyware scans is also also an essential aspect of network maintenance, but can also appear at rather obscure times. Through a thorough examination of your needs, we will help you to schedule and plan maitenance seamlessly. No more waiting, just go.


System health checks are also a valuable part of keeping your systems up and running. Many faults can be easily identified at a glance by one of our team, and the necessary preventative measures carried out on the spot, preventing costly breakdowns leading to a lack of productivity.


We can plan and schedule

  • All your updates, at system and program level. Windows Update, Antivrus, Anti-Malware, and all other ancillary programs. There are more of these than you think, they include Adobe Reader, Chrome and other Google Services, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and nearly every other modern software.
  • Your backups. Let your backups run at night, leaving your precious network bandwidth available, not choked up with file transfers.
  • Regular onsite system health checks. One of our qualified technical staff can arrange to be onsite at your convenience and liaise with you as to any recommendations, and perform maintenance that cannot otherwise be automated.


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